Three Years Later, “Haven” Admits That The Whole Idea… Couldn’t Work. Disbanding Now.

I was duly skeptical in January of 2018. And, it seems my thoughts about it have turned out to be correct [That’s the MSM outlet’s explanation of the death of the three way joint venture, tonight]. I think it best if I just re-run what I wrote now three years ago.

That post appears immediately below the slug line.


Dateline January 30, 2018: The nation’s papers and airwaves are simply agog with this — a something that amounts to. . . very amorphous news.

But I will offer the three my encouragement — just the same. If, for example, people who sign up for their privatized plan would agree to curtailed rights to sue providers, in return for much lower premiums, and access to proven medications at more sensible price points — and doctors would agree to charge less, since their malpractice premiums would decline. . . this could work. But that’s a whole raft of “ifs” — on what is just an idea, at this point (from The New York Times):

. . . .The three companies provided few details about the new entity, other than saying it would initially focus on technology to provide simplified, high-quality health care for their employees and their families, and at a reasonable cost. They said the initiative, which is in the early planning stages, would be a long-term effort “free from profit-making incentives and constraints. . . .”

Here’s to hoping, just the same (from CNN). But (to be certain) the for profit folks at Aetna, HCA and Andersen Cancer Centers — among others, should feel a twinge — a cold chill — on the backs of their necks, this morning. The fair market is coming for you.

And even without affirmative help from this administration, the cost of health care must be tackled in the US. That much is sure. Onward — clear and cold, here.


Actually it is lovely here, this night. Onward, grinning into 2021.


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