This Nashville Bomber Knew Exactly What He Was Doing. That Is Deeply Disconcerting — With A Jan. 6 Election Date In Georgia Looming…

Look — to be clear, I do think he almost certainly died in the blast. And I tend to think he probably acted alone. He is not reported to have any strong hard-right political links. He had no formal military training (however, that is not good news; see below).

Troublingly, it is abundantly clear that his work in IT, and building alarm systems. . . was not some form of dark “rocket science“. There are perhaps tens of thousands of civilians [no prior military background needed — as making a remote detonate An-Fo (NH4NO3+FO) device — inside a truck, van or car is a trivial endeavor, any journeyman miner or ditch digger could muster, with the aid of the internet’s tutorials].

Now consider that there are at least a few hundred Boogaloo Bois, and Michigan militia-men (and less likely, those idiot Proud Boys), some with military training, that have by now read the USA Today coverage, and can identify, by Google Maps searches, where the (mostly-) unprotected telecom infrastructure hubs might be — in and around Atlanta — and they likely already know where the vote counting /aggregation systems are going to be, for the Senate run-off tallies to be completed.

Consider that it is likely, as it was in November, that most of the now over three million early votes (most, by mail) in Georgia in these races have been cast by Democratic voters. And consider that there are far right radicals who now know exactly how — and where — Georgia officials will conduct the counting of the same.

I truly hope I’m completely wrong — and that no one (regardless of political leanings) would do such a horrible thing. But the Christmas morning attack in Nashville should put everyone in Georgia on high alert, as January 6 approaches.

If you see something that looks “off” — say something immediately — to law enforcement. Better yet, report it to the ATF/DHS hotlines. Let us remain optimistic, generally — about a free and fair election in Georgia — and yet remain realistic, about the danger this guy has (likely not entirely unwittingly) exposed.



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