No Real Brexit: Five Year Transition Period On Fishing Rights, For Example…

A very wise man (my late father) once wrote, of a Christmas Eve long passed, that it seemed the world was becoming a more and more complicated place — always in a hurry, to very little meaningful, lasting purpose. He suggested that we should remember that the best things in life are not just UN-complicated. . . they are simple. And they are mostly not “things” at all, in the normal sense of that word. “Only the complicated things become more complicated, in the modern world — while the simplest ones* shine ever more brightly. . . .” he said.

So it now appropriately (of my father’s long ago admonishments) seems, as we long predicted, for four years — that the supposedly very complicated Brexit notions have resolved themselves. . . pretty simply: a five year transition, with low to no tariffs:

. . .What about fishing rights?

The issue has held up an agreement in recent months, but people briefed on the talks say there would be a 5.5-year transition period — under which EU boats can still access U.K. fishing waters — though the bloc’s rights will be knocked down by a quarter.

The deal is still being called thin, but could provide the base on which the two sides rebuild relations (it’s been over four years since the U.K. voted to leave the European Union). . . .

Merry Christmas, to all who celebrate that holiday, then — and to all of good will, we wish you peace, and joy.



* Of course, the simplest — and best — of these, he well knew (and I well know). . . is. . . love. So at Christmas, know that I hold that simple, shining hope — for all of you. Those I spoke to this morning, as well as those whose voice I’ve not heard live in three or more long years. . . and those whose voices are now forever silenced here, having passed on. . . out into the Infinite.


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