We Should Expect SOME Off-Target Effects, In Some People Who Receive A COVID-19 Vaccine…

I want to tread very lightly here (with a belated hat tip, and thanks to our anonymous commenters) — because in the vast majority of otherwise healthy people, the benefit of a vaccine will far outweigh the smallish risk of some temporary side effects.

But, as is true with many vaccines — the shot may (especially after the second course) mimic some of the ills of the virus itself. That is most generally one’s immune system kicking in, and causing mostly inflammation-related pains. But fevers will not be out of the question, either. Even so — do get vaccinated, when your turn comes up. Here’s a bit from Kaiser’s fine daily news feed:

. . .Jocelyn Edwards wasn’t sure she got Moderna Inc.’s experimental Covid-19 vaccine or a placebo when she received her first of two doses in August. Hours after the second shot, she said she was sure it was the genuine article. “I woke up around midnight freezing,” said the 68-year-old retired nurse. “For the next 24 hours I had intense chills, serious neck pain, headache, all my joints were aching.” She had a fever that peaked at 102.4 and poured out so much sweat that she lost 3 pounds, she said. The following day she woke up and felt fine. . . .

[Some trial participants also experienced TEMPORARY effects that mimicked Bell’s Palsy — with a drooping right or left eyelid. It nearly always cleared rapidly though.]

Do take the jab, when it is available to you. But in the mean time, do stay safe — and do be especially careful at holiday time — when we all tend to let our guards down. Onward, smiling at the flurries now. . . .


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