Statements Out Of The Texas GOP Leader, And The Arizona GOP Leaders… Are Increasingly Dangerous.

By the Spring of 1861, after President Lincoln’s first Inauguration (to be fair), a total of eleven Senators and three US House Reps. had been expelled from the Congress, for not acknowledging Lincoln’s win — and supporting the then nearly-warring Confederacy.

As of today — believing in moderation, and letting cooler heads prevail — I won’t call for these GOP loons in Arizona and Texas (and the signers to the spectaularly laughable Supreme Court “briefs” of this past week) to be immediately unseated, but if we reach January 21, 2021 — and any of them utter so much as another single ongoing seditious peep. . . anywhere but on the floor of their respective chambers, during ongoing debates (where tradition holds that no member may be sanctioned for any pure speech). . . we shall see them. . . be unseated.

That is how this nation works — and has rolled — for now well-over 160 years. Honor Lincoln’s gift to us — and we shall unseat these clowns, if they persist in this baseless nonsense.

Here endeth my sermon — and honestly, I probably shouldn’t give any extra oxygen to these stupid miscreants. . . but it is proper to warn them, where this is all headed — should they continue to baselessly attack our democratic institutions. Onward.


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