In The Ninth Circuit Appeals — By Team Dotard — Of The Flores “Try To Be An Actual… Human” Orders… I Want To Commend A Judge, For Recusing.

Proving that this will be (and of course, should be). . . decided solely on the law, a highly-esteemed Ninth Circuit panel jurist, on Senior Status, has recused himself, from hearing and deciding this appeal.

This fine man, and a clearly long loyal American citizen spent time in the Poston, Arizona WW II Japanese internment camps as a child (but with his whole family).

He went on to serve his nation honorably as a US Marine — and he graduated Harvard Law. I am absolutely certain he has strong feelings about these lawless, failing and inhumane Orange Mussolini attempts to eviscerate the Flores consent decree. I am equally certain he would decide the matter, solely on the law — and it is crystal clear the government is in the wrong here.

And I am sure he trusts his fellow jurists to follow the law, and bounce this baseless appeal. He may even see sanctions entered against one Sarah Fabian. But I want to commend him, even though you will never hear his name, related to this decision — because he wisely took a step backward, to avoid any appearance of. . . anything untoward:

. . .A native of Santa Maria, California, as a child during World War II, Judge Tashima spent three years with his family in an American internment camp for the Japanese in Poston, Ariz. Tashima graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, with his bachelor’s degree in 1958, and from Harvard Law School with his LL.M. in 1961. . . .

In addition, Judge Tashima served as a sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1953 to 1956. . . .

Judge Tashima was the first Japanese-American in the history of the United States to be appointed to a United States Court of Appeals. . . .

Thank you Judge Tashima. We (as grateful Americans) are in your debt, for your now over 60 years of faithful service to our nation’s ideals. Thank you. Onward. . . smiling.


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