A More Likely Fourth/Fifth Monolith: In A Remote Northern Nature Preserve In The Netherlands… Solidly-Frozen Into A Bog…

I still think it possible that the Joshua Tree one is genuine — and that so-called arts collective group has just drafted onto the hype cycle, looking to make $45,000 a throw. . . but if “the Joshua” is not a genuine McCracken, this latest one may well be. It appears to have been there for quite some time, the sheen having dulled over time, presumably from sediment deposits, and it is. . . frozen into the bog, now. There were no recent footprints near it, in the bog (which would readily preserve such evidence) — so perhaps more than one annual cycle of snow / freeze / thaw / growth has passed since it was placed.

So it — like the Moab one — may have taken years for the public to “discover”. But to be fair, it too might be a low brow stunt. Here’s the story, as we are getting it:

. . .On Sunday morning, a group of people on a morning stroll came across a towering metal structure in the heart of Kiekenberg nature reserve.

The monolith, near the village of Oudehorne, was covered in ice and surrounded by a small pool of water. . . .

We shall see. . . but I am now given to wonder what other lines. . . might intersect with the Moab-to-Aldeboarn “global meridian” — smiling. . . .


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