There Have Been Several Clear “Knock-Off” Efforts — Mostly To Promote Local Businesses… But This One MAY Be Genuine…

Maybe. But only. . . maybe.

An art collective based in the southwestern US is claiming credit for the first three, but not really explaining how they managed to place the Romanian one so quickly, and disappear it as swiftly, as well (that one I’ve suspected was a prank, and the work of a local Romanian welder, given the very rough finishes). [I’ve not mentioned any of the clearly corporate ones made of silver spray-painted wood, or even of reasonable metals — but placed as signs in front of businesses. And I won’t. On that you may rely.]

This at right is a screen cap. . . of an Instagram image the group posted, purporting to establish the location as just outside Joshua Tree — then suggesting there are “many more” to be found.

But cutting against the credibility of this claim, in my view, is the idea that the same collective, while posting a rudimentary three dimensional render video — offers unlimited additional “museum quality” pieces, for the sum of $45,000 (US) — verified as genuine. . . by blockchain, no less (but of course!).

I’ve decided, after some deliberation, this morning over coffee — not to name them — or link them. The NY Post, a rag, has done so. You may look there — if you’re that curious.

I continue to think the two clearly genuine ones were the work of agents for the estate of John McCracken, and we now know exactly how each of those — the Moab, Utah one, and the Pine Mountain, California one. . . “disappeared”. Those two were taken by vandals, as we’ve well-documented. If this one is taken by vandals, with video evidence (without any hue and cry — from the claiming collective), after being found — we will reconsider the provenance of the object. Afterall, the collective would claim that they lost $45,000 — should it be destroyed by vandals, right? Right.

In any event, it is all now rather droll theater, no? [The over the top self promotion by this collective also cuts against this Joshua Tree claim being the genuine article.] “And. . . you can never get around the genuine article, kid. . . .” Onward — ever grinning.


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