And Then, There Were… TWO! A Second, New Monolith Appears — Facing A Holy Geographical / Archaeological Site — In Northeastern Romania…

Well now, this is getting. . . quite interesting. Is this a riddle, playing out — across continents — from the bucket-list wish, of a famous American 20th Century sculptor?

The Romanian version looks to be not as polished / finely-finished as the first — so it is possible that it is a copycat, and not (what most people now surmise was) a McCracken, south of Moab, Utah. [The Romanian version is also a little bit taller, at 13 feet — with the seams more easily visible, as well — and circular buffing patters left in the metal throughout.]

From this evening’s [London]Daily Mail, then:

. . .In Romania, the triangular structure has a height of about 13 feet and one side faces Mount Ceahlau, known locally as the Holy Mountain. The shiny triangular pillar was found on Batca Doamnei Hill in the city of Piatra Neamt in northern Romania last Thursday.

It was spotted a few metres away from the well-known archaeological landmark the Petrodava Dacian Fortress, an fort built by the ancient Dacian people between 82 BC and AD 106.

It is one of the most famous mountains in Romania, and is listed as one of the seven natural wonders of the country.

Romanian officials still do not know who is responsible for erecting the mysterious monolith. . . .

Was this a codicil in McCracken’s will, all leading up to the 20th after-versary of “2001: A Space Odyssey”?

Will 20 of them appear and disappear, in turn — over the next few months? We shall see — soon enough. But for now, I cannot stop. . . grinning. I love this stuff. If it is a McCracken, though it has a new finish, from his prior body of work. Fascinating. . . .


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