[U] The Departing Agent Orange Team Continues To Violate Lawful Federal Court Orders, As To CHILDREN In ICE Custody. Deplorable.

In this matter, the remaining 55 or so days will seem. . . an eternity, until Mr. Biden can order the end of this foot =-dragging set of violations — supervised by one Sarah Fabian. I suspect she will be asked to leave her position, on the second day, if she hasn’t already departed voluntarily by then.

This is from the latest status report, filed overnight in LA’s federal district courthouse:

. . .Settlement ¶ 28A provides: “The INS, through the Juvenile Coordinator, shall also collect information regarding the reasons for every placement of a minor in a detention facility or medium security facility.” Settlement ¶ 29 provides: “[T]he INS shall provide to Plaintiffs’ counsel the information collected pursuant to Paragraph 28, as permitted by law, and each INS policy or instruction issued to INS employees regarding the implementation of this Agreement.” Defendants have not reported the reasons for holding Class Members (1) in CBP detention facilities, (2) in ORR facilities where Class Members are detained (i.e. not free to leave the facilities even if they are licensed), or (3) in ICE holding rooms, hotels, or transport companies under contract by ICE. . . .

DEFENDANTS’ POSITION: Defendants are providing, or have committed to provide, all of the information required by Paragraphs 28.A and 29 of the Agreement. Plaintiffs’ characterization above of their continued requests for information is incomplete and therefore misleading as to what information they continue to request. To the extent that Plaintiffs continue to request that Defendants report information that is not required by the Agreement, Defendants decline to provide this additional reporting. . . .

Updated, on “Pandemic” Thanksgiving Morning 2020: Some better karma — from a time long ago, in the “before times” — and an erstwhile commenter’s reminder of what we all thought, back then — about changing things:

In other words, the government has NOT provided. . . all the information required. How does Sarah Fabian sleep at night (only after walking her friends’ dogs, as a more important priority than making sure complete reports, about the safety of very young children in jails, are delivered to their lawyers. . . immediately, and with specificity — as ordered)? How?!


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