Merck’s Leader… “Takes The Lead,” Once Again. Q.: Where Is The Rest Of Corporate America?

This is a hope-filled piece. It is filled with the hope that each of us start to more fully assert responsibility for making our brothers and sisters lives, here in our towns, counties and states. . . better. In sum, it is a calling to do more — on our shared social contract. There is real and deeply-flowing wisdom here — do go read it all.

From the Fierce Pharma piece, then, summarizing a Forbes panel:

. . .Frazier highlighted the role that private corporations play in driving societal change and said it was time for industry to step up to the plate to “stabilize society” amid rising economic inequity and racial injustice.

“I think it’s really critically important for us to not only think about what’s good for our individual businesses but what’s also good for the societies in which our businesses operate,” Frazier said. “What makes me worry ultimately, is when people don’t believe in our institutions, and they don’t believe in our system, they don’t believe there’s fundamental fairness, then I think our society begins to come apart. . . .”

He has most recently stood up to Trump — on insane, non-scientific thoughts about vaccines. Of course, he was the first corporate leader of size to speak out against Trump, after Charlottesville, now over three years ago — creating space for many others to follow him.

We would do well to listen closely to. . . more true leaders like this man — whom I’ve long admired, for obvious reasons. . . but also for his work in saving the life of a wrongly condemned man in Alabama, Bo Cochran — nearly 15 years ago, now.


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