How Much Was She Paid, To Be Seated (And Seen) Right Behind Trump: Last Night’s “Town Hall”?

First — I didn’t watch even one minute of Trump (I opted out and watched Disney’s “Prince of Egypt” instead — seems appropos, given our escape — from his bondage — is now imminent). No ratings for him, or NBC — but I’ve read summaries now online.

Perhaps the only thing useful to come of it all is this story. See at right. There was a “prop-ish” woman who had been placed behind Trump — in a prominent seat — all night, nodding to his riffs, in full agreement. Immediately after, she shouted to him on the departure carpet. . . and it turns out that he had no idea that he endorsed her in a local Miami race, in 2018 — and his pull had helped her garner — wait for it! — a full two per cent of the vote (getting slaughtered by a powerhouse, the former U Miami President, and former Clinton Admin. Labor Secretary. . . one Donna Shalala).

Most people would end this story here. Not Trump. He asks where she’s from — she hollers the DR. . . but American now. . . he shouts “Sammy Sosa!” — and pantomimes swinging a baseball bat. . . still blithely unaware that she was a paid actress that night.

The hardest part about telling this story. . . is not knowing. . . what part’s the punch line. I guess the whole story. . . is the punch-line. Let’s hurry up and vote this blithering idiot — and his grifters, out — in a little over two weeks. Onward, to a bike ride. . . grinning.


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