There Is ZERO Reason That The DoJ Should Act As Melania’s Private Attorney. ZERO.

I’m just getting to reading the pleadings now, more in a sec — but Bill Barr has simply lost his mind. [And may now lose his… law license.]

The purported confidentiality agreement (claimed breached) predates her time at 1600 Penn.; and is beteween two private citizens (in no way impinging state secrets); and Melania — whatever else one might say about her — she… simply has no formal (Senate confirmed) role in the Cabinet (no distraction / privilege argument).

Condor predicts that Simon & Schuster will prevail here — since to the extent that Melania uses the Do J as her lawyers, she is per force saying the matter relates to her “government service” (whatever she might think that might mean) — and so there cannot be any gag (outside of pure state secrets), as to her government service. We the people, under Amendment, First, are certainly entitled to know what she did or did not do, in our names — even if a private party decides to breach a contract to tell us. I absolutely “don’t care (do you!?)”. . . what happens to these book profits….

…The Justice Department on Tuesday sued the author of a book about first lady Melania Trump, claiming the writer violated a non-disclosure agreement….

If, on the other hand, she wants to argue that she was a private citizen whose NDA, as a private person, was breached — she absolutely cannot have the Billy Barr / Kowtowing DoJ represent her, for no cost. Absolutely not.

Yet here we are — we, the taxpayers are providing her with civil lawsuit legal talent, in a tell-all book scrap?! Color me… disgusted. Utterly corrupt — but entirely… unsurprising, for these crooks.


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