Way Off-World, This Morning: Star Being Shredded By Large Black Hole… Interstellar Science.

This (at right) is kinda’ like what it feels like, watching the ACB hearings get underway. . . a vast sucking. . . darkness.

But there will be light, soon — as the below youtube makes plain. The remote learning / home schooling lesson in deep space science (late grade school appropriate) on it all may be found right at this link.

“. . .Although powerful and bright, up to now astronomers have had trouble investigating this burst of light, which is often obscured by a curtain of dust and debris. Only now have astronomers been able to shed light on the origin of this curtain.

“We found that, when a black hole devours a star, it can launch a powerful blast of material outwards that obstructs our view,” explains Samantha Oates, also at the University of Birmingham. This happens because the energy released as the black hole eats up stellar material propels the star’s debris outwards. . . .”

We will push through — move forward — resist, and ultimately prevail. The considerable weight of a large majority of the free people is now on our side. We will not be denied.


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