Trump’s Move To Rush The TikTok Appeal (As Of Last Night) Will… Be Futile.

I mention this as a matter of odd curiousity, primarily. Trump claims urgency in his appeal, on TikTok — that is nowhere evident in his permanent injunction briefing, in the trial court (which is proceeding on a parallel time-frame).

The literally schizophrenic signals — from Team Trump, as to dealing with TikTok’s win, in the trial courts. . . may indeed be due to the utter chaos at the top of this mal-administration. Or (per Occam’s Razor) it may just be. . . poor lawyering.

Here is the latest, in the DC Appeals Court, overnight, from TikTok — and a bit:

. . . .The government’s actions in the district court are plainly at odds with its demand for expedition in this appeal. After the government proposed and secured that schedule to slow down the proceedings on the other Prohibitions, ensuring there would be no final judgment issued in the near future by the district court as to the validity of any of the Prohibitions, the government now asks this Court to speed up appellate proceedings on the preliminary injunction that was entered as to the first Prohibition. The government’s delay in filing a notice of appeal on the preliminary injunction of the first Prohibition and its unwillingness to advance expeditiously the proceedings toward final judgment in the district court on the remaining Prohibitions demonstrate that there is no urgency to the government’s appeal. . . .

One might also infer that Trump’s lawyers well-know he will lose on the other prohibitions, as violative of the free expression clause of the First Amendment — and want that decision to come after the election — but also want it to appear that they are actively challenging the trial court, on appeal. Almost as silly as Trump’s notion to emerge from Walter Reed, and display a Superman “S” under his suit, last Monday. . . I kid you not — that was his plan, per pool reports. It actually makes the above seem. . . normal, by comparison.

I N S A N E.

Despite what his syncophant MDs say — he is nearly certainly still shedding the virus. And he will have a rally, come Monday, with thousands, he says — in Sanford, Florida. Crazy; dangerous and darkly malignant.

It will not matter — he will certainly lose, now:


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