Well — This Trump-istan-ism Is Astonishing — In Its… “Caucacity”: NAACP Policing “Commission” Case Update.

The background on this is here — but in sum, Trump and Barr have been holding secret meetings (at least 38 of them, to generate a pre-baked report) to provide cover, for more militarized policing at the state and local levels. This effort plainly violated a myriad of laws, and resulted in an order suspending everything about a week ago.

Now, as the able USDC Judge John D. Bates gets set to shape the full remedy, the ever-officious team Trump lawyers, in effect, told him tonight… obeying federal laws (by law enforcement, related to policing practices)… is only for the “little people.”

The brown and black people.

Not us — you know… the MayoSapiens. The “Masters of the Universe”TM.

Oh. The utter Caucascity — of it all. These a-holes told a federal judge, in an official filing, that he shouldn’t concern himself with any… actual law. Trump says Judge Bates was, in sum, wrong (his lawyers say) to expect that anything Trump-related would follow the law, and the judge’s… a fool for trying to make these Masters of the UniverseTM bow to all these puny laws, thus:

…Defendants respectfully ask that the Court amend its Order to remove the requirements to file a charter, provide notices of future meetings, and to designate a federal officer for the Commission. The Commission is only one week’s worth of work away from finalizing its report. See Third Declaration of Dean Kueter ¶ 11 (“Third Kueter Decl.”) (attached as Exhibit A). As a consequence, there will be no further meetings of the Commission, id., and no purpose would be served by requiring Defendants to comply with those procedural requirements….

Accountability. Someone — perhaps Bill Barr himself, is responsible for these violations of the law. And he should be held to account. That is the purpose, you mediocre-white-guy-morons. The idea that these goons might just go ahead and put out a report, after violating innumerable federal open government laws — so that they might give legal cover to policing of communities as though they are Baghdad, outside a Green Zone — i.e., enemy military territory — is. . . well, insane. Thank goodness, for real federal judges.

Now– if you’d like to read a REAL relief shaping memo, from the cogent counsel for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund — do read it here. I will highlight it, separately, on the morrow. Gosh but these a-holes need to be. . . evicted, like yesterday.

But the able judge is very likely to adopt just about all of the NAACP’s suggestions, in that last link — and almost none of the government’s, since it has so discredited itself, with the brown matter pull-quote, above.


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