Supremes Rebuff Trump’s “Emergency” Attempt To Limit Access To Family Planning Drug Mifepristone, In Maryland…

As we saw in August, out of Louisiana, the Supremes overnight told Trump’s FDA counsel that in order to challenge the injunction on Trump’s attempt to restrict access to the so-called abortion pill, mifepristone during the COVID-19 crisis, he needed to follow the regular path, and duke it out in the Fourth Circuit, if his request to modify the injunction fails in the District Court in Baltimore. And that is likely, after losing outright (getting enjoined) in Baltimore, Maryland. [There he lost to the American College of Oby/Gyns., among other pro personal autonomy/liberty parties.]

[My prior post, as background on this particular case’s appeal, here.] Here it is, in full — (with a largely non-sensical disssent from Justices Alito and Thomas) and a bit:

. . . .The Government seeks a stay of an injunction preventing the Food and Drug Administration from enforcing in-person dispensation requirements for the drug mifepristone during the pendency of the public health emergency. The Government argues that, at a minimum, the injunction is overly broad in scope, given that it applies nationwide and for an indefinite duration
regardless of the improving conditions in any individual State. Without indicating this Court’s views on the merits of the District Court’s order or injunction, a more comprehensive record would aid this Court’s review. The Court will therefore hold the Government’s application in abeyance to permit the District Court to promptly consider a motion by the Government to dissolve, modify, or stay the injunction, including on the ground that relevant circumstances have changed. . . .

So it goes. Trump’s time is mercifully drawing to an end, so long as we all go vote. Onward, smiling on a clear warm fall Friday — with no pumpkins to paint here, this year. . . .


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