[U: 20.08.30 AM] 38 Minutes In — And We Ought To Invoke The “Slaughter Rule” — Sen. Harris Has Buried Pence. He Ought To Go Home.

And Pence won’t stop cutting her off and stealing her time. . . So, yes, even he now knows he has lost.

Senator Kamala Harris is clearly Mike Pence’s better — in every sense of that word. Out.

Okay — I cannot resist. The fly stuck to his head for over five minutes. . . because flies can smell poop, when it is being flung.

Eventually, even the fly left — as it realized Pence’s lies were ultimately. . . boring.

Updated — this morning (10.08.20), the debate commission announced the next debate would be virtual — not face to face, due to safety concerns. [This also means the moderator could cut a mic — or cut away — from a participant, for repeated rules violations, by way of example.]

So, naturally, Trump has tweeted that he won’t participate — not in a safe, fair debate. Charming.

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