That “Loquacious” Sidney Powell… Probably Just Burned Michael Flynn’s Chances — Of Skating.

Welp. It has indeed been a rather. . . tumultuous news day (and the debate is still hours off). But this later-arriving bit (as I had other responsibilities — and couldn’t, much as I wanted to — arrange my day so that I could listen to what turned out to be the five hour long Flynn hearing starting around midday in DC). . . but it may well. . . take the cake. [Backgrounder, here.]

It seems Sidney Powell felt a need to impress Judge Sullivan (bad idea!). . . with just how wired in she is. . . to well, everything. So she told the able USDC judge that she has spoken to Trump directly about the Flynn dismissal proceedings — and that she has spoken more than once to the lead Trump Campaign lawyer, also about these proceedings. Then. . . she claimed the judge couldn’t ask about them, because (wait for it!) those conversations were “executive privileged“.

I N S A N E.

As EmptyWheel memorably just put it, that cannot help but leave the court with the impression that this is a political moment, and a political. . . attempted dismissal. It may be too soon to definitively call the outcome, here — but I do think Judge Sullivan will, based on Ms. Powell’s self-important admissions. . . reject the Flynn dismissal motion, from Bill Barr:

. . .Sidney Powell [Michael Flynn’s main lawyer, now] admitted that she has spoken to the President about this case, and also spoken with Trump’s campaign lawyer, Jenna Ellis, about it, the latter apparently more than once. Powell tried to claim Executive Privilege for her conversation(s) with the President about the case, until Sullivan pointed out the sheer absurdity of that. . . .

In what manner (or. . . on what planet?!) would the sitting president have “a priviledge” to assert when talking to a criminal defense lawyer who is there representing ONLY her twice pled guilty to felonies criminal client — over conversations involving her “self-admitted felon” of a client, who was fired now three years ago for lying to the vice president and president, about working for a frenemy government, while sitting in as a National Security Advisor?

It is a very good thing, as judges often say, from the bench — that most crooks. . . are stupid. But this Trumpian crew, they really. . . exceed, with all their excesses — in chuckleheaded numbskull antics. On to watch a debate — and eat home-made fudge — to make it bearable. Grin. . . .


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