[U: Yup.] “Quick Predictions” Market: Trump Is Going To Fight For A Ban, Come The 27th, In DC –This Weekend…

Updated @ 2:20 PM EDT — sealed filing just dropped in DC as well, to oppose injunction. TikTok’s answer due 2:30 PM Saturday; hearing 10 AM Sunday. I’ve downloaded what the government filed in the WeChat matter, on the public docket overnight — here. . . and here (exhibits that are not classified). Of course, the whole filing in DC regarding TikTok has been sealed. But you may essentially swap out the names, in the prior two links and get a good sense of what Team Trump plans to argue, in DC. I’ll live blog it. End update.

I am making a smallish bet (with myself, mostly) that by 2:30 PM EDT today, Trump will decide to fight on, in DC — rather than delay his lawless TikTok banning pronouncement.

I make this guess, because on the West Coast, a few minutes ago — Team Trump moved to stay the WeChat injunction’s taking effect, in the district court there — and filed what purported to be classified information, to support the application to stay the continuing effect of that injunction (technically, Trump’s bannings won’t take effect — if at all — until Sunday night at midnight; but WeChat is now exempt from that banning, due to this injunction). WeChat is a different company, but the same Trump pronouncements are in play. Thus — out west, just now:

. . . .[T]oday, September 25, 2020, Defendants are lodging for submission classified information in support of their motion to stay the injunction. See 50 U.S.C. § 1702(c) (permitting ex parte, in camera review of classified information used pursuant to the International Emergency Economic Powers Act). . . .

So — it would make sense that Trump intends to fight (and likely lose, again!) in DC this weekend — as to Tiktok. The able Judge Nichols (a very well-qualified, and fair person, and yet — in truth, a judge appointed by Trump) should buckle up for some Sunday O/T. I predict he will enter a similar preliminary injunction, as of late Sunday evening.

Of course, we shall see — in about two hours, now. Onward.


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