ICE STILL Cannot Say With Precision How Many Children It Has In “Title 42” Custody. Unconscionable.

In any other time, anywhere else in our nation, the below would be grounds for jailing — not bothering to keep track of vulnerable children, when that is one’s core responsibility. If this were any city department of child welfare services, anywhere in the interior of the US — and the public learned that the agency head suddenly said “Oops! — silly us — we have four times as many kids in UN-licensed facilities as we said just two weeks ago. . .” and some of these children had been there “lost, in a hotel system no-mans’ land” for more than 30 days. . . the involved case-workers and their supervisors. . . would be headed to. . . jail. For decades.

This is exactly what Team Trump (ICE, DHS, BPS, and HHS) is guilty of, by their own admission — in the young potential asylee cases. Here is the latest Flores order, which now takes full effect in six days (specifically, this order denies Sarah Fabian yet another stay or delay):

. . . .[The miscreants of Team Trump] apparently now contend that 2,200 unaccompanied minors were referred to ICE by CBP for Title 42 custody. Ortiz Decl. at ¶ 6 [Doc. # 985-1]. They provide no explanation for the discrepancy between the 577 number used just a few weeks ago and the 2,200 number deployed now. This is not the first time Defendants have offered inconsistent data. See Sept. 4 Order at 4 n.2. The fact that the government cannot seem to consistently keep track of how many children it has held in its custody is disturbing, to put it mildly. It is emblematic of the problem with such an opaque, unregulated, ad hoc program. . . .

Defendants’ Stay Application is DENIED. The Court ORDERS that the September 4, 2020 Order shall be effective as of September 28, 2020, in full, subject to the following modifications:

1. DHS shall cease placing minors at hotels immediately as of this new effective date.

2. DHS may implement brief hotel stays (not more than 72 hours) as necessary and in good faith to alleviate bottlenecks in the intake processes at licensed facilities. When any Class Members are transferred to hotels for this purpose, Defendants shall notify Plaintiffs’ counsel and the Independent Monitor, providing the identities and number of minors subject to the hotel placements, and the locations of the hotels. . . .

Were we at war, these would be violations of the Geneva Convention. Perhaps we should take the Orange Blowhard at his word — he regularly says he is in a battle with what he sees as “bad hombres“. That would clear a path to charge him with war crimes.

Let’s — more immediately — just vote these monsters. . . out. [They say they want to end abortions (as they say “all life is sacred“). . . but they want to continue. . . THIS?!]

Again — Who are. . . these people?


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