Count All “Whole Persons” — Not Just Citizens — These Plain English Meanings… Matter. Supremes Will Say So.

Today, while so much else was going on. . . Team Trump asked the now short-handed Supremes to “fast track” the question of whether Trump may use the census as a partisan bludgeon, to then apportion Congressional seats — looking only at citizens, as opposed to “whole persons”.
This, of course, would contradict the commands of the 14th Amendment to our Constitution, as well as several express federal statutes on the topic.

This he claimed to do, without anything more than a. . . memo. [It goes without saying that, in this arena, Trump cannot contradict the Constitution, or Congressional statutes — by Executive Orders.] That the Supremes would even consider it. . . is fairly laughable. In any event, he has asked. Because. . . chaos is his only remaining brand.

Here is that 160 some page “emergency” filing with the highest court in the land.

But in truth, it is best suited for solely lining. . . bird cages.

Now you know. Let’s get the vote on, already.


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