[U: Told Ya’!] We’ve Said This Many Times… Trump’s “Ban” Won’t Happen On Sunday. It Cannot Be Done. Period.

Updated on Saturday night: it will be a deal of some sort, with Oracle and Walmart; Trump now says whether they do the deal or don’t. . . it’s “okay” with him. Someone explained to the moron what felony blackmail means. End update.

Of all the toweringly-stupid things Trump has impotently threatened. . . this may be the most absurd (and that’s a very-tall hurdle to clear, with this guy).

Forget for the moment… that his attempted blackmail of a US company (Oracle or previously, Microsoft) is itself. . . a felony. Forget that there is a pending federal suit, on this — in LA’s USDC.

Forget… also, that this is clearly expressive activity, as to US residents — and his would be… state action.

Forget all that. . . and much more. It is just simply. . . technically impossible to prevent US citizens from downloading. There are perhaps over a thousand ways to load and run the app [and tens-, to hundreds- of thousands of possibly illicit ways (which I advise against, to be clear), to access it via an in-computer emulator / work-around], without even using an Apple App Store, or any other site that Trump will ask to remove it from. But be clear — he may only “ask” — not order under applicable law, Apple to do so.

This is a completely, preposterously. . . impotent act. If he even tries it come Sunday. So there will be. . . effectively. . . no banning — no matter what Trump says or does.

Life on TikTok will go on largely-unchanged. But it would be easiest (and completely lawful, to boot!), for you, dear reader — if you ever wish to use it in the future, and have not yet installed it. . . to install it now — from the official app download / stores. Once it is on your phone — it is simply-beyond Trump’s (tiny handed) reach.

Now you know.



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