Injunction Now Likely, Out Of Oakland (But Enforceable, Nationwide) — Against Trump’s Work-Visas/Asylum Fee “Price Gouging” Attempts…

Mr. Biden will end all this nonsense — come January 22, 2021. [Backgrounder, on this East Bay IV litigation, here.]

But until then. . . we collectively must oppose Trump, in the courts — to protect the taxpayers’ funds from. . . grifters like his family, and the increasingly narrow band of GOP major donors who still support him. Here’s the latest finely-reasoned 27 page brief, out of the Northern District of California — just filed, by people who still believe the US Constitution means what it says, and a bit:

. . . .Defendants’ Opposition is packed with conclusory and internally inconsistent statements that do not answer the serious questions in Plaintiffs’ Motion for a Preliminary Injunction. . . .

Defendants insist that Mr. McAleenan and Mr. Wolf had valid authority to serve as Acting Secretaries of the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”). Opp. 3-4. But for that proposition, they point to an April 2019 Order issued by Kirstjen Nielsen that applies only in the event of “disaster or catastrophic emergency.” See ECF 69-1, 69-2. Defendants’ assertion that the Order also applies in the event of a resignation contradicts the Order’s plain language. Defendants’ other attempts to justify the Final Rule also fail. . . .

Because the Final Rule suffers from fatal procedural and substantive flaws, it must be set aside under the Administrative Procedure Act (“APA”). Plaintiffs’ are likely to succeed on the merits and satisfy all other requirements for a preliminary injunction. The Court should grant Plaintiffs’ Motion. . . .

And. . . so (likely) ends Trump’s bid to create yet another slush fund, from which he might illicitly reward his cronies, and major donors, by letting new no-bid federal construction contracts — ostensibly to build his vain little wall. But in fact, it is purely banal. . . grifting. And the courts. . . will shortly end it.


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