We Await A Statement, Likely From PhRMA, Denouncing Political Interference In FDA (Human Safety) Vaccine Approval Processes…

That is the import of the masthead I’ve set below — do click it to enlarge (the type would be illegible, if placed in the above small pane-window).

In truth, there has never been need — in the past 100 years, certainly — for scientists to speak out against a then-sitting president, one who is attempting to push his thumb down (for a supposed-re-election advantage) — on the scales of good clinical trial practices, in the process for an eventually-FDA approved COVID-19 vaccine.

It is. . . astonishing. More, when the statement is released.

But I suppose (less-seriously), the best metaphor for this above (and below) Trumpian attempt — is the now three weekends’ running self-sinkings — in his would-be supporters’ “bath-tub navy“. . . [or as they refer to themselves in central Illinois, “white trash boaters, who vote“] as most of these supporters aren’t even smart enough to understand the scientific principle of wave- (or in this case, wake-) amplification — in an enclosed body of water. I am genuinely glad no one was injured, but seriously — if this is his base. . . it explains. . . so, so much. Onward, grinning.


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