Much Like Trump Here, Boris Johnson Has Failed, On HIS Central Promise: UK Brexit…

Once again (on a quiet holiday Sunday night, with no courts-, or market- activity tomorrow in the US) it is time to take another quick peek at what was to be the greatest of all debacles — in nearly a half-century (or so the Chicken Littles said, back in 2016) — in London.

The truth is — as we’ve said, since that very first day, in June of 2016 — the more things change. . . the more they stay. . . [much] the same. Here’s a bit of the early Monday coverage, in the UK:

. . . .If London and Brussels don’t reach a deal by October, the U.K. will be ready to accept this and “move on,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to say Monday.

The two sides aim to agree a deal on trade and future relations by the time of an October 15 meeting of EU leaders so that the agreement can be ready by the time the Brexit transition period expires at the end of the year. . . .

“We will then have a trading arrangement with the EU like. . . Australia’s,” Johnson added. . . .

Condor predicts the “deadline” Boris mentions will be. . . extended (again). Just like Trump (on his moronic “paid for by Mexico” wall), Mr. Johnson is, as ever, mostly hot air. Onward, grinning. . . .


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