In Kenosha, On 09.01.20: Only A Handful Of Trumpers.

Just some real people earnestly talking to one another. That’s video of conversations I monitored, as an ACLU observer, while Trump was across the street, getting a “briefing”. Just real talk — like real, thoughtful Americans — BLM, teaching some Trumpers, today, in Kenosha. . . unlike the garbage commercial Trump is running, about it all.

[If link gets moved or deleted, this should work:]

What I saw, later, near where Jacob Blake was shot:

. . .More, tonight — but A very docile crowd, as BLM supporters outnumbered Trumpers about 20-1 — at most street corners. Moreover, the stupidly excessive display of military hardware probably also. . . quieted the red-necks. . . .

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