Thousands Are Still Being Held. What Is Wrong With These People? Govt. To Deport In “November 2020” Is A Direct Violation Of 14 Days Release Of Minors. Full Stop.

Overnight, renown children’s rights advocate Peter Schey filed another fine challenge to Trump’s lawlessness — pointing out forcefully that listing some children and their parents as “properly” detained because “they will be put on an ICE flight to be deported by mid-November 2020. . .” is itself a violation of the Flores settlement / consent decree. Children are to be moved to safe, unlocked day care / licensed care facilities within 14 days, at the absolute outside — and 72 hours, with respect to children under the age of five, as contemplated by the Flores orders.

More directly, it may be safely assumed that this “punting” to November is simply a cynical way of saying. . . if Trump loses, we will release these children.

If Trump wins, we will fight tooth and nail to deport them, and continue to violate the settlement. In either case, the government filing admits it is daily harming. . . children, in violation of applicable law. So the Schey-led portion of the plaintiffs’ team is asking for video-conference monitoring calls, since Sarah Fabian will not advise these parents of their legal rights (despite a clear court order to do so):

. . . .The Report states: From July 22 to August 17, 2020, 126 Class Members were released into the interior of the United States.

Concern: The Report does not explain why these class members were released or whether they were released in compliance with the FSA or simply because ICE decided to release their parents for unknown reasons.

In order to respond fully to the Juvenile Coordinator Reports and to enforce the monitoring rights of Class Counsel under Paragraphs 32-33 of the FSA, Plaintiffs informed Defendants that they wish to conduct video conference interviews with detained Class Members and parents. Defendants have not responded.

Plaintiffs believe they are entitled to such monitoring during the COVID-19 pandemic and will further meet and confer on this issue and advise the Court and Special Master/Independent Monitor if Defendants refuse to permit monitoring and Class Member interviews via video-conference. . . .

The very lives of these children — and their families hang in the balance of this 2020 election. Whether you are wild for Biden/Harris or just still disappointed that Bernie didn’t get the nod. . . or for any reason luke-warm about the Democratic ticket. . . please realize: if you stay home, you ARE voting for Trump. You are voting for what is becoming genocide at the border. And if he were to win re-election, these kids’ deaths (and there have been over 13 deaths, and there will be more of them) are yours to bear. So vote. Vote blue.

There really is no case for a “moral Trump vote“, any longer. See masthead. Onward.


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