Flores Litigation Update: Independent Monitors’ Report Details Vast Increase In Border Actions Against Children — Without Clear Policy Guidelines, In Time Of COVID-19

This is a national disgrace.

A national disgrace that will go mostly unreported. . . because the worst hurricane to hit the western Louisiana gulf in 130 years is right now ripping through Natchitoches, and the NBA is likely to announce the end of its season tonight in a league wide boycott (while the WNBA is likely to follow suit — as are MLS and MLB). . . all in response to, and as a result of the outrageous police brutality / shootings, and subsequent private militia / vigilante assassinations in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

In the pure chaos that seems to increasingly define 2020, the above two stories are playing out. . . while a completely false “law and order” themed GOP convention oozes onward, in an ongoing “ode to hisself” by the Cheetolini. [It is telling, I think, that on each night so far of this purported “law and order” convention, at least one officially endorsed speaker included a currently indicted person — for all manner of crimes, from insider trading (Wednesday). . . to felony hate crimes (Monday). . . to now legally-barred from ever running another charity organization / indicted for financial fraud (Monday; Tuesday; Thursday). The final two (at least) being close Trump advisors and family members. Charming.]

So, indeed — this may not get much national coverage, but there has been a 52 per cent increase in the number of children essentially abducted (and family units targeted), in the last six months, in border operations — without any clear enforceable policy-protocols, to ensure they are treated with the minimum standards of decency expressed in a long-series of federal court orders, and federal statutes and international treaties. . . all during a very dangerous global pandemic.

That is the upshot of the overnight 21 page independent federal-court appointed monitors’ report:

. . . .Of the total USBP enforcement encounters on the Southwest Border from March through July, including Title 42 and Title 8 actions, 8,661 of the individuals encountered were unaccompanied minors and 8,713 of the individuals encountered were members of family units. However, because statistics for the total number of unaccompanied minors and families encountered do not specify whether those encounters involved enforcement actions under Title 42 and Title 8, it is unclear how many of the total number of unaccompanied minors and family units encountered by USBP and OFO were detained under Title 42. The total number of USBP enforcement actions against unaccompanied minors increased by 52% and the total number of USBP enforcement actions against family units increased by 26% from June to July. . . .

Formal systems of custodial care for children have been well defined and require specialized custodial elements, continuous oversight, and specialized training of relevant personnel. These specialized services and formal protocols seem particularly important for children who test positive for Covid-19. While the recommendation to exclude single minors from the THP pertains to all single minors, it is particularly directed at single minors below the age of 15 years. The current informal practice of excluding single minors less than 10 years of age, while welcomed, is not fully responsive to the safety and sanitary vulnerabilities of young children, including children aged 10 through 14 years of age. Simply put, the lower age limit for single minors assigned to the THP should be formalized and raised urgently from 9 to 14 years of age and alternative custodial programs for all single minors should be pursued. . . .

Will the real members of the once-principled GOP please stand up, and declare to Trump that we are a nation of laws, not tin-pot dictators? Will this “claw and order” convention please agree that if you’re for. . . actual law and order, you cannot decline to sentence ex-Gen. Michael Flynn, commute five-felony convicted Roger Stone, nor allow a just federally indicted Steve Bannon (“We Build The Wall” charity theft, and financial fraud). . . to speak on the platform?

Of course not. Because the leader they all kow-tow to. . . is himself a vainly stupid RICO style gangster.

[Oh. And in this same Flores class action litigation settlement, Sarah Fabian has again (this week) appealed to the Ninth Circuit, related to her duty to comply with prior federal court orders — and her admitted FAILURE to meet and confer — about how to comply with PRIOR Ninth Circuit court orders. That ought to go. . . well. Or. . . perhaps. . . not.]



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