NASA/JPL Space Science Saturday: Following “One Hot Copper Ride”, To Mars — In A Sublime NASA/JPL CGI Rendered Model…

We sorely once again need… to get off world — away from the ugliness that is (hopefully) the dying embers of the Trump mal- administration… so — NASA obliges, with an enhanced HD version of its sublime “Eyes On…” app series.

See it all here — and download it to your phone, as an app, or to your laptop — from the links embedded there:

“…With all our orbital assets circling Mars as well as Curiosity and InSight on its surface, there is new data and imagery coming in all the time about the Red Planet,” said Jon Nelson, visualization technology and applications development supervisor at JPL. “Essentially, if you haven’t seen Mars lately through Eyes on the Solar System, you haven’t seen Mars.

Dozens of controls on pop-up menus allow you to customize not just what you see – from faraway to right “on board” a spacecraft – but also how you see it: Choose the 3D mode, and all you need is a pair of red-cyan anaglyph glasses for a more immersive experience.

You don’t have to stop at Mars, either. You can travel throughout the solar system and even through time. The website not only uses real-time data and imagery from NASA’s fleet of spacecraft, it’s also populated with NASA data going back to 1950 and projected to 2050. Location, motion, and appearance are based on predicted and reconstructed mission data….”

Let us all try to remember — there are no visible lines, de-marking borders (allowing claims of rights to exclude peoples, who may or may not look. . . like some of us) — as we look back at Earth in real time.

We are all just month to month tenants here, not landlords, at all — on this tiny, fragile shiny blue… life-raft… in a nearly-endless sea of empty… night. What we do (or fail to do) for our fellow humans, young and old (on COVID-19 protections, or asylum requests)… will echo — in eternity — now. So do be excellent — to one another.


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