Goofy Carter Page Federal Libel Suit In Chicago Dumped, Overnight…

Sanity is “making a comeback“, as the old commercial says.

Carter Page cannot use the Chicago federal courts to claim he was defamed by the DNC and its law firms. Full stop. So don’t believe the nonsense Durham is pushing. Carter Page is no victim here. Here’s the able USDC Judge Harry D. Leinenweber’s opinion, overnight — and a bit:

. . .Plaintiff Carter Page is a foreign policy scholar and businessman domiciled in Oklahoma who served as a member of Donald Trump’s foreign policy advisory committee in 2016. (Compl. ¶¶ 2 & 31, Dkt. No. 1.) Page is the sole member of Plaintiff Global Energy Capital LLC, an Oklahoma LLC, and Plaintiff Global Natural Gas Ventures LLC, a New York LLC. . . .

Even if assumed true, this patchwork of unrelated Illinois connections does not establish specific personal jurisdiction over any Defendant in this case. . . .

Frankly, the Court is confused as to how Plaintiffs think it does, especially when many of the allegations wholly relate to non-party Illinois connections. These efforts to blow smoke cannot obscure the obvious — Plaintiffs’ claims consist entirely of out-of-state activity by out-of-state actors. . . .

Now you know. . . these f-en’ jah-mokes. . . geez. Let’s be done with the lot of them. Hurry, hurry come November.


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