[Tangent Alert!] Wu- Member RZA Writing A New [Non-Racist] Tune, For Ice Cream Trucks To Blast… In Your Neighborhoods…

Many of us, I am sure — recall hearing the approach of an ice cream truck, from a half mile off. The pling-ey sound-track was. . . unique — and unmistakable — and brought the kids right down into the street, all over the block.

We all knew the jingle most often played was “Away Down South, In Dixie” — a racists’ anthem.

But without the lyrics, and badly distorted by the tinny loudspeakers on the top of the rolling treat truck. . . it went mostly un-remarked upon.

Well, now the Good Humor ice cream folks are teaming up with RZA, of Wu-Tang Clan, to create a more welcoming (to all kids) and hopefully equally catchy tune — one without the racists’ slave song baggage.

I’ve posted this here, since one Martin Shkreli owes much of his ongoing notoriety to his stunt in buying (and then faux-selling, on eBay) the album “Once Upon A Time In Shaolin” — and then losing the rights to it, to the US Marshals’ office, in asset seizure proceedings.

So it goes. Enjoy your sunny Saturdays folks… grin.


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