“Sir, This Is A Taco Bell…” Part Deux…

In what now is a garden variety New York state financial crimes grand jury subpoena matter, as remanded from the Supremes — and pending in federal trial level courts in Manhattan, the able lawyers for Cyrus Vance, Jr. (including an excellent assist from a renown Duke University law professor) have once again answered Trump’s silly arguments, on the subpoena for records, issued to a third party, in a regular felony grand jury proceeding.

The letter nicely summarizes the People’s arguments (a quick three page read), but we will also provide a link to the longer more technical full thirteen page memo of law. Do read it all — but here is a bit, from the memo:

. . .Focal points of an investigation may sometimes be inferable by reviewing subpoenas issued at various points in that investigation. But singling out one particular subpoena, and declaring that it must necessarily define and delimit the scope of a grand jury’s inquiry, makes no sense at all, particularly in a months-long financial investigation. Grand juries routinely issue subpoenas in an iterative process, seeking different records from different parties and from different date ranges, with later subpoenas building on new information and leads generated from returns on earlier subpoenas. In other words, the inference that any one subpoena in this case defines the investigation is simply not reasonable. . . .

And. . . from the letter, I particularly enjoyed this bit:

Trump will lose. America, and the rule of law, will win. It is just that the steel wheels of justice grind… very slowly. But they do grind, very finely — to be sure. And, in the end, he will be naught but a fine gray crumbling powder, blowing in the wind. . . . Onward.


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