Sarah Fabian Has Now Filed TWO Appeals — In Flores — To The Ninth Circuit…

It is highly unlikely that an appeals court is going to invalidate post-judgment enforcement orders, in 35 year old civil federal class action litigation, especially one settled by the acgreement of the government — by reforming the government’s practices.

The notion here is that the government was in the wrong, back when Ronald Reagan was President, and committed abuses against asylum seekers, among others.

Thus, the settlement agreement is to be given “remediative” effect, by the reviewing courts. Puzzlingly, Ms. Fabian appeals as though the trial court is not allowed to shape the relief, when she, Barr, and Trump commit all new violations of the law. In sum, “this is not her first rodeo” — she ought to know. . . better.

That’s just… silly — and as was also noted Friday, by the court — it is. . . “disingenuous“. Here is a link to the later arriving of the appeals, as a four page PDF, and a bit of it, as an image:

Now you know — this is mostly just to keep a complete record, here. Onward.


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