[Unrelated Update, At Bottom.] New York AG Files Suit To Dissolve The NRA — For Fraud, And Self-Dealing.

Well, no Trump family indictments just yet (which many had speculated this announcement might include). . . but good news, just the same.

It is now highly likely the NRA will be dissolved, and its funds used to repay victims of its manifold frauds. Here’s the bit from a tweet out of the NY AG’s offices:

. . . .We are seeking to dissolve the NRA for years of self-dealing and illegal conduct that violate New York’s charities laws and undermine its own mission.

The NRA diverted millions of dollars away from its charitable mission for personal use by senior leadership. . . .

Unrelated Update, at Noon EDT: I will not dignify the bass-ackwards would-be federal lawsuit filed by Trump people in Nevada (on mail-in voting) with any longer reply. I will however, commend this fine legal analysis of its numerous fundamental flaws to the readership.

Onward. . . grinning. Ever onward.


2 Responses

  1. But the NRA surely would contest in court right? Is the AG ready for most likely a protracted and potentially costly legal fight?

    • The AG is… the government of New York. The allegations are similar to the ones the AG proved in the Trump charity case, to get Trump to dissolve his charity, and never try to open another one.

      So yes — I’d say Letitia James (and her office) are up to the task,

      The NRA officers and directors could also face felony criminal charges here — especially if they try to lie about what is already known to have transpired.

      In sum… some unaffiliated, likely new charity, without any of the old directors and officers will emerge to push the second amendment agenda… but it won’t be these jokers.

      And all the money raised? G O N E.

      Namaste… great question!

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