Latest Government Admissions, In Flores Litigation, For Tomorrow’s Hearing…

We will be credentialed as “press” on this hearing call in LA, tomorrow — and will likely live blog at least parts of it.

Overnight, in making plain that the Trump team has adopted a very cramped reading of what the court’s prior orders require of it, Sarah Fabian authored the below footnote, at page 5 of the latest status report, which openly admits that the Team Trump goal is to thwart treaty obligations entered into long before Trump jimmied the electoral process, to become president — via unlawful executive orders:

. . . .As Plaintiffs have previously pointed out, the previous administration [Mr. Obama’s] achieved substantial compliance with the FSA by having a ninety to ninety-five percent (90-95%) credible fear approval rate, and promptly released Class Members with their parents found to possess a credible fear of persecution if returned to their home countries. That approach to compliance no longer exists as the credible fear approval rate has now dropped to about ten percent (10%) when the current Administration substantially restricted its asylum policies [under Trump]. . . .

It cannot be said with a straight face that now 90 per cent of the same asylum seekers that Mr. Obama deemed safe for admission to the US, are now effectively reversed — and non-admissible, by Trump’s goons — with no change in the underlying facts (i.e., no terror attacks by asylum seekers). This is simply Trump’s xenophobia, in action. And now, with COVID-19 increasingly running through the detention facilities — it is killing. . . children. And all of this is before we get to the central argument — which is the government’s continued refusal to comply with the spirit, and in some instances, the letter — of the Flores consent decree, as amended and supplemented over these 35 years.

Onward to Friday’s hearing, smiling. . . We will be ready. . . .


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