In The Land Of Moronic Ideas — This One’s Near The Top — Even By Trump’s Feckless Standards.

Well. It would be an insult to the word “futile” — to call Trump’s latest. . . a futile act.

“It. Doesn’t. Even. Qualify. . .” [as Matthew McConaughey — “Coop” said — in Interstellar.]

Here’s one version of the “news” story — but none do a very good job of explaining (i) that he lacks the power to take unconstitutional acts, against an expressive medium, based on its content and perhaps more importantly, (ii) it would be simply impossible, to lock out 220 million internet connections, to Tik Tok.

It simply cannot be done, as a technical matter. Ask China, as but one state’s example — and they’ve spent decades trying to build the infrastructure to prevent certain web-sites from being accessible, in country.

And they’ve largely. . . failed.

[If he actually signs anything, I’ll lay out the law here — and the ACLU will no doubt, sue.]

So… carry on, silly Donny “Desperately Seeking… Bronzer” Trump.

Your time is coming to an end. And for that, we are already. . . thankful.


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