As One Spot-On Professor Said: Trump Is Thus “Signifying… Nothing” — With All The [Impotent] “Sound And Fury…”

This is back to our wheelhouse, but. . .

I won’t spend any time analyzing the few and incoherent clues Trump left — in his Friday night passel of “executive orders” — related to some future, “maybe I’ll do it, eventually”, stalking-horse bid — on drug price measures, since he’s using them as a cudgel, for his scheduled August 24 meeting with PhRMA executives.

Not one of these will (Condor predicts) have much chance of changing. . . anything, since he is clearly now in lame duck territory (and waited 3-1/2 years. . . to start, on living up to his campaign promises!) — all with below 40 per cent approval ratings, and nearly at the end of his term, now. Hilariously. . . sad.

Here’s the bit, from NPR:

. . . .The Trump Administration has announced four executive orders to lower drug prices, but health policy experts say they will likely offer patients only minimal relief and may take months to implement, if they’re implemented at all. . . .

The orders signed Friday afternoon included allowing certain drugs to be imported from Canada and making changes to the way discounts negotiated by middlemen called pharmacy benefit managers are passed on to Medicare patients. . . .

Now you know. We have talked about Canada — and drug re-importation — for at least 12 long years, here. Just to be clear — this will NOT be the year it happens. Onward, smiling — as a sun-dappled bike ride, by the lake awaits. . . .


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