Developing: Trump’s DHS “Secret Police” Apparently Tear-Gassed Portland’s… MAYOR? Outrageous.

Mr. Trump: take notice — we will resist. We will not go gently into your fascist night.

We will lawfully disperse your shock troops, wherever and whenever they over-step the exceedingly-narrow “protect federal buildings” lawful authority they might legitimately possess in our City of Big Shoulders.

We will not see our Mayor gassed — that much is certain. Time to get into “good trouble“. Per, reporting:

. . . .It is an unconstitutional occupation,” [Portland Mayor] Wheeler told the crowd. “The tactics that have been used by our federal officers are abhorrent. They did not act with probable cause, people are not being told who they are being arrested by, and you’re been denied basic constitutional rights.”

President Donald Trump said federal officers were sent to the city to protect federal property, but protesters and local leaders have strongly opposed their presence. Demonstrations, many of which have been peaceful, have been ongoing for more than 50 days.
“This is clearly a waste of federal resources and it’s getting increasingly dangerous,” Wheeler told CNN. “We did not ask the feds to be here. We do not want them here. They’re not helping the situation. They’re not appropriately trained, and we’re demanding that they leave. . . .”

Trump is an increasingly desperate man, just now realizing that no one with a 38 per cent approval rating can be re-elected. So he turns to manufacturing a conflict between his para-military force, and lawful, largely Democratic protesters, in cities with Democratic mayors. Disgusting. Onward, just the same. We are ready — and we will meet this challenge, in full throat.


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