USDC Judge Sabraw Continues To Prod Trump Admin. To Obey Law, As To Detained Children… And Their Parents

This order was entered Friday evening, after the regular status hearing in federal court, in San Diego, in the Ms. L. class action (backgrounder, here).

It is mind-boggling that judges need to enter orders on such matters — but this is ICE and Border Patrol, under Trump:

. . . .Defendants shall provide a declaration from the Assistant Commissioner of OIT or other appropriate designee setting out the status of the development of the UIP and estimated completion date. The declarant should also address the Court’s concerns about how the UIP will enable parents in criminal custody access to their childrens’ location information and how the UIP will assist in reunification efforts when a parent is transferred from criminal custody to immigration custody. Dated: July 10, 2020. . . .

Truly. . . hard to comprehend how one human can treat any other human, this way. There is a fundamental Constitutional “due process and equal protection” right — to know the location of your minor children — even when both of you are in custody.

Onward — but back office tech issues persist on all my properties, due to Irish server-side mal-configurations. Will update, when resolved — but don’t expect the normal eagles’ eye-view, on the horizon here (for visitors) — nor elsewhere. . . .smile.


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