[U: Two Decisions; No Trump — Tomorrow Brings MORE!] The Supremes Will Hand Down More Opinions, Tomorrow…

We will live blog it all, at 10 AM EDT. Do watch this space.

Updated @ 10:30 AM EDT — we have two religious freedom cases, both following/hewing to the conservative majority theory: Little Sisters of the Poor is there. And. . .

Our Lady of Guadalupe is linked there. Thursday we will have more. End, update.

And. . . in a perhaps prophetic echo. . . we offer this about tomorrow’s late session. Per ScotusBlog.com, reporting:

. . . .From time to time, there have been special summertime court sessions that went well beyond the June/early July recess dates. The court issued decisions, for example, on July 24 and 25, 1974.

On July 24, the justices ruled 8-0 in United States v. Nixon, ordering President Richard Nixon to turn over tape recordings and other materials to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. The decision led to Nixon’s resignation on August 8. . . .

Well — now you know. Mazars or Deutsche Bank, anyone? And, in any event, here’s to. . . hoping. Hope, as we’ve long said “may be the best. . . of things“. . . . Smile.


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