[U: Fixed.] This Is Almost Certainly An ECF/PACER Holiday Friday Systems Glitch… All Of Martin’s Cases: Sealed?

UPDATED Friday night: The systems issue is. . . fixed. End, update.

I checked (thrice!), and even the old (2012) Merck Propecia® class action cases show the same errant field — as does the case involving Edward Painter, against Shkreli. So, for today at least — and I tried on both my phone and laptop — all case records in Brooklyn — the federal Eastern District of New York. . . appear as inaccessible, and “sealed”.

I am sure the able tech staff will get around to fixing it by Monday morning, when the courts reopen post-holiday. But for now the entire docket is. . . DOA.

“. . .USA v. Shkreli, et al. 15-cr-0637

This case is under seal. . . .”

So. . . any coverage of his court travails will be curtailed for a few days.

It’s the Fourth of July 2020, almost — and Breonna Taylor’s killers remain free, over 100 days later. [At right, my local public high school boys’ and girls’ basketball teams are adding a block long BLM street-painted sign, to the public roadway’s front drive — just as the Mayor of DC last month laid down, at 1600 Black Lives Matter Plaza, in DC. Excellent.]


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