Still Early “Green Shoots”, But Moderna’s Data, On Its COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate, Looks Stronger Than Pfizer’s…

The over-arching heart-warming news here is that. . . multiple “shots on goal” are showing some efficacy/immune responses. [Prior backgrounder here.]

I am thankful that so many (Merck among them) are trying to develop a safe, effective vaccine for this scourge. But from where I sit, Moderna — still expecting massive stocks of its candidate will be ready to ship by late Q3 2020, is still firmly in the lead.

Here is the latest Pfizer news — and a bit, from my buddies at STAT (in fairness, side effects look to be an important issue for Pfizer’s version):

. . . .Fourteen Covid-19 vaccines are currently in human trials, according to the Milken Institute, including entrants from Inovio, CanSino, AstraZeneca, and Moderna. More are expected to start soon, including entrants from Merck, Johnson & Johnson, and Sanofi. In total, 178 vaccines are in various stages of development.

The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, like the Moderna vaccine, is based on a technology called messenger RNA, which uses a key genetic messenger found in cells to create protein that the immune system then learns to attack. Moderna has not yet published [its similarly-detailed] data on its vaccine but is expected to do so soon. . . .

Now you know — as this one harkens back — to our old power alley. . . smiling, as I reflect upon. . . so, so many July Firsts, now long passed. . . .


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