Good News! Roger Stone Is Off To A Federal [Broward County, Florida] Prison — In 13 Days, Now…

I’m admittedly a little late on this — but I needed a smile this morning. Roger Stone’s half-century in the making karmic debt is coming due almost in full, right now. [Backgrounder, here.]

As most know, Roger Stone will have avoided reporting to prison for over four months, and when he does report on July 13, 2020 — it will be 75 days later than his most recent prior delayed reporting date. But he will be a 40 month federal inmate by the morning of July 14 now. He’s out of options — out of runway. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Here’s the opinion, from the able USDC Judge, and a bit:

. . .Here, defendant’s [medical] condition appears to be – as it has been for some time – medically controlled. At the end of the day, the guiding principle must be that Mr. Stone is entitled to no more and no less consideration than any other similarly situated convicted felon.

The difficulty in this case is figuring out who is truly “similarly situated.” Notably here, the record reflects that the defendant has already received a reprieve of the recommended length through the good graces of the Bureau of Prisons, an agency within the Department of Justice. Just one day after the Court ruled on the motion for new trial, in response to a request from the defense, based on the same concerns that are raised here, the BOP accorded the defendant an additional sixty days to surrender beyond the fourteen that were required by the Judgment and Commitment Order. . . .

Mr. Stone was convicted of threatening a witness [in a felony matter], and throughout the course of these criminal proceedings, the Court has been forced to address his repeated attempts to intimidate, and to stoke potentially violent sentiment against, an array of participants in the case, including individuals involved in the investigation, the jurors, and the Court. See Gov’t Resp. at 5 (recounting defendant’s “attempt to incite violence upon a federal judge. . . his abuse of social media and other media outlets to intimidate individuals and witnesses involved in this case. . . his patently false statements at the February 21, 2019, show cause hearing. . . and. . . his now final conviction for witness tampering, including threats of physical harm to a witness”). . . .

Onward, smiling now — at the vast array of Trump advisers and cronies now doing felony time, in federal custody. Will Trump — and his entire fail-spawn clan — be next, after November? One can only. . . hope.


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