[U — Complete] Another Supremes’ Decision Day… Starting NOW.

There are (theoretically) still 11 opinions yet to go, this term. . . .

[So far, only a trademark case saying essentially that adding “.com” to a generic phrase likely makes the whole mark enforceable, as a registered trademark. But multiple more opinions coming soon.]

And now — only two today — we have the Espinosa v. Montana ruling. Religious schools may qualify for state government aid, in certain circumstances: per SCOTUSblog.comRoberts writes that the court’s recent decision in Trinity Lutheran v. Comer “distilled” the Court’s precedents into the “unremarkable” conclusion “that disqualifying otherwise eligible recipients from a public benefit solely because of their religious character imposes ‘a penalty on the free exercise of religion that triggers the most exacting scrutiny….'”

No other opinions today. Perhaps Thursday — or next Tuesday. Onward.


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