Do Go Read EmptyWheel, On Trump’s Muslim Bans: Terrible Policy Idea — Bonus! Making Us LESS Safe.

She is always on point, but never more so than this morning.

I’ll be off-grid for a bit — so do follow her blog closely. Her thoughts almost always closely align with mine (but are usually far more succinctly, and cogently put — than mine):

. . . .Not only did Trump’s Muslim ban not exclude Saudis (from where more terrorists have come to attack the US than any other country, with the possible exception of Pakistan), but the increased vetting he demanded did not apply to diplomatic visas like the one he came in on. . . .

I’m of the mind that the national security dragnet will not catch every potential terrorist. But in this case, Alshamrani succeeded precisely because Trump’s racist ban was focused not on efficacy, but on bigotry, exempting precisely those who posed the most risk.

This should be a focus of bipartisan hearings — and it should draw more focus than whether or not Trump can drink a glass of water. Not because we need more dragnets, but because we need existing vetting programs to be focused on the most dangerous threats. . . .

Indeed. Separately, we should expect major Supremes action next now on Thursday. . . but the court has 14 cases left to announce — so they may drop in one or more unscheduled decision days yet this week. Onward, grinning.


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