[U, X2] Welp. I DID NOT Have That… On My “Hellscape” Bingo Card…

And here I thought the “Klan-demic” in Tulsa would be the craziest story out of Trump-land this weekend. . .

Nope — not even close — and it isn’t even noon on Saturday!

Bill Barr lied about Mr. Berman resigning. . . Mr. Berman replied that since Manhattan’s federal District Court Judges had (per statute) confirmed him, after Trump refused to have him confirmed before the Senate (after then AG Sessions had placed him in the “acting” role — on Trump’s own say so). . . he could only be removed for a very narrow set of “for cause” reasons — and only by those same Judges. Hilarious — these jokers never understood even the rudiments of the government that they were supposed to be. . . running.

UPDATE: Separately, as to Bolton’s largely true but grifting book, we read that the able USDC Judge Lamberth just ruled “. . .For reasons that hardly need to be stated, the Court will not order a nationwide seizure and destruction of a political memoir. . . .” Yup. Busy Fathers’ Day weekend, indeed. [End, updated portion.]

In fairness, I think Trump himself may have the power to fire him, under Trump’s own personally signed order — but that is where pure obstruction, and a new impeachment would certainly lie. So, I think Jay Clayton decides to bow out, and go back to a white shoe Wall Street law practice — leaving these malevolent morons. . . looking for all the world. . . like the Gambino crime family (remedial edition). Delicious. Onward.


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