We Should Expect At Least One Or More Major Opinion(s), From The Supremes, On Monday…

The central question is. . . which one(s)?

Trump’s tax returns, and financial statements?

A summary reversal (9-0) of the attempt to “restart” executions — under the federal death penalty scheme, by Barr’s DoJ?

Any one of a number of pending religious freedoms / right to safe, legal abortion cases?

A decision tossing the transparently stupid Texas attempt to (again!) invalidate the ACA of 2010?

Who knows? But if Trump starts tweeting “extra crazy“, on Sunday night (whether his Tulsa “Klandemic” rally happens, or not). . . we would remind the readership that the White House will typically get Sunday night notice of all forthcoming SCOTUS opinions slated for Monday morning release.

So. . . if he’s foaming at the mouth — around midnight, on Sunday night, you may safely assume one of the topics he’s addled about. . . will be covered in one or more of the Supremes’ opinion(s), right here — on Monday morning. Onward. Should be. . . interesting.

And now, we quietly once again remember this day — the horrors inflicted, the sacrifices made by people completely innocent (to end it), the countless lives lost — the generations in bondage. . . the Texans who waited over two years to learn they were freed. . . all of which, in many ways, remains a stain on our nation. . . to this very day. [And yes, the lower left of my graphic is to remind that even now, work continues to free slaves — trafficked persons, around the globe.]


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