[U, X2] In Reality, Counting Returning Temp Workers, Or Furloughs, As “Newly Employed” — Is Stupid.

. . .And immensely. . . deceptive.

Trump just tweeted that “We Are No. 1!” [Slaps forehead. . . for dramatic effect.]

By that, I take it he means. . . First, in reaching 39 million unemployed — highest in US history (with higher US population than in the Great Depression);

First, in total COVID deaths in the entire world, at nearly 110,000 — more than double all those American soldiers killed in the Vietnam War (over a decade, vs. only four elapsed months);

UPDATED: First president (ever!) to suggest, in live remarks on video, that a man lynched by police in Minneapolis last week (by name!) would be “smiling down” on Trump, and happy with him, for delivering “such a great” jobs report. . . [It. Is. Unfathomable — even for him. OMFG. End update.];

First — in maintaining the highest overall levels of unemployment, since the Great Depression. . .

First, in reaching a $3.5 trillion deficit;

FIRST, in barricading himself inside 1600 Penn now renamed, officially as 1600 Black Lives Matter Plaza, DC (FDR did not place barricades or tanks outside the White House — despite his advisers’ suggestions, for his safety — in 1941, right after Pearl Harbor, as he said the nation should not fear that we were “under siege“);

[First president (almost trivially, in light of the rest, but still a first — in history) to this week have two of his campaign videos removed from Twitter, for copyright violations — using respected artists’ images, songs and music, without permission — and without paying any royalties];

FIRST, in using federal troops to gas, and pummel peaceful protesters on public DC property, in order to instantly, and violently clear Lafayette Park, and stage a hallowed-out, 30 second “upside down bible” photo op, one that looked decidedly more like a Satanic ritual, than anything else — in front of St. John’s — a church that had not invited him. He did not pray; he did not read from the bible… he simply held it overhead, like a trophy. P I G.

Oh, and FIRST to have the sitting Mayor of DC authorize the painting of 16th Street (near the White House) — with an entire block-length message, in giantic yellow bold lettering — for “Black Lives Matter” — all to officially (and poetically) oppose his attempted military occupation of our capital district, while the joint chiefs indicated they would recall almost all federal troops as early as today, to their home bases, against 45’s wishes — as this is no “general insurrection” whatsoever.

Good on ya'(!), and in any event. . . here’s the bit, even as black unemployment, and under- employment, CONTINUES to rise:

. . . .The unemployment rate for blacks increased one-tenth of a percentage point to 16.8%. In contrast, the jobless rate for whites fell to 12.4% from 14.2% in April. Economists believe the unemployment rate peaked in May, but see it remaining above 10% when Americans head to the polls on Nov. 3. . . .

Anyone (else) as tired as I am. . . of all his. . . “winning“?

Please also click on the Mayor’s tweet, to see the competed art project!


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