Rhetorical Question: “Does He Live By The Sword?” — Then He Shall… (Metaphorically Speaking) Die, By It, Too…

As if on cue, the sitting president tweeted an incitement to vigilante (“anti-protester”) violence last night.

By morning, Twitter had made the tweet only partially accessible: it may be viewed only after clicking through a warning screen — a warning that Trump is “glorifying violence” — against Twitter’s rules.

The phrase he used was more notoriously used in Miami, in 1967 — by a racist police chief, to violently put down student protests — about the Vietnam War. . . [and of course, this is all — he hopes — to be used to turn the page, lead the media coverage away from his fecklessly malignant non-responses to the current 100,000 dead — from an entirely predictable pandemic’s path of destruction. . . and yet the death toll is rising, daily].

Indeed — Trump has, with his purported EO, finally taken on a foe that will “push back“. One he needs, desperately — if he is to have any chance at a social media campaign heading into November.

The moron has burned. . . his only remaining bridge. A bridge not so much for his “safe retreat” — but his last hope at influencing the over 72 per cent of America not at all enthused by his vitriolic hatred of all things he is uncomfortable with. Oh. . . and I think he is influencing them — but not quite in the way he might imagine.

That’s. . . just as irony would have it.

OTOH, I guess it is catchier than his old line — from the same Vietnam era: “When the shooting occurs, I develop bone spurs. . . .”


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